Designer Ziad Nakad presents Orion Collection for Spring-Summer 2019

From star to star, designer Ziad Nakad draws bright planets adorned with charming patterns that illuminate the fashion of summer 2019. Glamorous silver and gold dresses.


© Ziad Nakad.


Through this collection, named Orion, Ziad Nakad embodied celestial bodies in dresses, some star-shaped, light and shiny, while other designs were inspired by the philosophy of astrophysics mixed with the imagination and mirage of diamonds.



© Ziad Nakad.


This collection transcends expectations, it combines the joy of the season with the glamour of the imagination through a wide range of colours including pastel colours, the colour «Champagne», as well as silver and black. Designer Ziad Nakad focused on the embroidery of gems of different shapes and sizes.

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