Tony Abi Karam: «Redelli Kelmati» is a great success.

Famous composer, Tony Abi Karam has forged a great reputation by composing songs to the biggest Lebanese stars. We asked him five questions following the release of his latest hit «Redelli Kelmati», performed by superstar Ragheb Alama.


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  • You are a poet and composer of successful songs, which Lebanese singer inspires you for a future collaboration? I collaborated with the wide majority of Lebanese artists, starting with the late Wadih el Safi, the legendary Sabah to the most recent talents present on the artistic scene, I do not think of a particular singer but my office is open and the style of my compositions is known to everyone. I am open to any new artist on the scene. Nevertheless, I would like to collaborate with Arab singers who would like to perform Lebanese songs.


  •  Which of your songs is closest to your heart and why? All my songs are dear to my heart. A lot of them are 20 years old and they are still sung like «Jenni jenni» of the superstar Ragheb Alama, «Bhebbik wbghar» of the knight of the Arabic song Assi Hellani as well as many others. Some of the songs that I composed touch me emotionally, like «Chta2tellik ana», «Trekni lahali», «Redelli Kelmati», they are interpreted by the superstar Ragheb Alama.


  •  You were among Golden Night guests to celebrate the 19th anniversary of the Murex d’Or. In your opinion, what is the added value of a prize received in an artist’s career? In my opinion, the best prize a creative can receive is the love of people, to be honoured by them. The audience is the main goal, it’s for the public that songs are created. However, it’s nice to have such credible festivals as the Murex d’Or, that honours artists and creatives. It is an acknowledgement of their success, which promotes their ability to create.



© Archives Tony Abi Karam.


  • What is your source of inspiration? Several elements can serve as inspiration for the composer. Sometimes personal circumstances can inspire me, or social experience. Songs of love or those that describe the beauty of a woman, for example, can come from the perception of a beautiful woman … The sources of inspiration are multiple and are not related to each other.


  • «Redelli Kelmati» is one of your latest hits sung by star Ragheb Alama, how was this song received by the public?«Redelli Kelmati» had a very positive response from the public. It recalls a situation actually lived by the public. Many reacted by saying, «you have found the exact words to express our situation!»The same reaction was for the song «Trekni lahali» before «Redelli Kelmati». Interview Conducted by Rita Saadé

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