Baselworld 2019 : Born to be Wild by Messika

A wind from the Wild West blows around the new High Jewelry collection by Messika. For the Jewelry designer Valérie Messika, wide open spaces fuel her desire to escape.



Necklace and earrings from the Snake Dance collection. © Messika



The vast silent deserts meet a need for freedom that resonates perfectly with her vision of modern jewellery, free of all constraints.



Necklace and bracelet from the collection Black Hawk. © Messika



Earrings and ring from the diamond catcher collection. © Messika



Necklaces, bracelets and other pieces of High Jewelry tame the materials to adorn pioneering women with a sensual and libertarian attitude.



Shaman set. © Messika




Sun tribe set. © Messika




Bracelet from the sun tribe collection. © Messika.

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