Baselworld 2019: Calatrava Weekly Calendar by Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe introduces a new complication in an automatic movement, calibre 26-330 S C J SE. It is a weekly calendar with a semi-integrated mechanism displaying the current week number, in addition to the day and the date.



© Patek Philippe.




The silver opaline dial and black markings are contrasted by red-tipped hammer-style hands that indicate the day and week number with the corresponding month. The dial font used for the day, date, month and week number is meant to reproduce the look of authentic handwriting, endowing the watch with a vintage look. Easy-to-set correctors for days and week numbers are placed at 8 o’clock and 10 o’clock on the 40 mm polished stainless steel case, which has two-tier lugs. The 5212-A is the only steel Calatrava in PATEK PHILIPPE’s current collection.

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