Baselworld 2019: Maximus Royal Tourbillon Jewellery

This dazzling jewelry version of the Maximus Royal, the world’s largest tourbillon, is now completely set with diamonds.



© Kerbedanz.




This creation contains 453 invisibly-set baguette-cut diamonds totaling 18.47 carats. It is part of a 14-piece edition of made-to-order jewellery versions of the Maximus Royal Tourbillon that will be set with gems, including emerald, jade, ruby, and aventurine. The movement is a marvel of precision, with an astounding 27 mm tourbillon carriage made of 73 components that rotate once every 6 minutes instead of the conventional 60 seconds. In addition to the accuracy ensured by the tourbillon itself, an 18k gold flyweight was added to fine-tune the balance of the cage. The use of titanium keeps the tourbillon cage lightweight, ensuring that despite its size, it can rotate without losing precision. A fixed balance-spring stud prevents any changes in
position due to shocks, further ensuring precision, and the balance wheel can be finely adjusted.

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