Baselworld 2019: Startech 3500 Series

Ronda the large independent Swiss manufacturer offers an attractive range of watch movements for all kinds of timekeepers and an extensive Chrono selection with four product lines.



© Ronda.



If you are looking for a Swiss Made quartz chronograph with eye positions at 6-9-12 or 6-12 o‘clock, they are available only in the Ronda startech Series. It is not just a question of the only Swiss movements with this configuration; within Ronda’s extensive range the 3500s – sized 10½ x 11½’’’– also feature the smallest caliber with stop function. They are first of all simply the perfect choice for stylish ladies’ chronos. Through the positioning of the eyes far away from the center, they also suit elegant gents’ models in the large size and timekeepers in rectangular cases – true to the motto: From Small to Big Watches.

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