Baselworld 2019: L’Heure du Diamant Precious hours

In tune with a new and youth-fuelled mood of luxury, L’Heure du Diamant re-ignites the spirit of the 60s and highlights Chopard’s unrivalled mastery of both refined jewellery artistry and artisanal watchmaking skills. A homage to Maison’s indefatigable pursuit of timeless modernism. The hour has come, L’Heure du Diamant creates a new and exquisite moment in time with eight new jewellery watches featuring hardstone and gemstone dials reigniting 60s modernism and celebrating 50 years of its mastery of jewels and watches.



© Chopard.




Each watch features a dial specially carved from a mesmerising mineral: midnight blue, gold-flecked lapis lazuli; velvety, forest green malachite swirled with striations; vivacious, sunlit sky blue turquoise; darkly dramatic black opal, with its lightning flashes of intense green and red fire. The deep, vibrant, emotionally-stirring colours of the dials are encircled in diamonds, of generous size, – a modernising element – totalling more than four  carats and creating a striking contrast between sheen and shine, between the texture, opacity or glinting depths of the dials and the brilliance of the diamonds, their fire and life intensified by Chopard’s “crown” setting.

Finally, the watches are powered by the automatic 09.01-C calibre, with 42-hour power reserve; a movement made entirely in-house by Chopard’s skilled artisans. Balancing the jeweller’s art with serious watchmaking skills. So that L’Heure du Diamant has both brains and beauty – the perfect expression of today’s powerful femininity.

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