Majed Bou Hadir: «Raise the youth awareness on the service of their country»

With a solid, deeply rooted faith within the family, a spiritual and social path within the apostolic groups, strong friendships built within the surrounding, professional mission accomplished within the MTV, the presenter and trainer Majed Bou Hadir is a man of ethics and constructive speech. His motto is volunteering, social commitment, love of others … at the service of others and his country. He heartedly answered Prestige questions.



Majed Bou Hadir, MTV presenter and NDU Director of Public Affairs and Protocol. © Archives Majed Bou Hadir.



For how long have you been presenting the news on MTV and why did you choose this career? My career with MTV began 18 years ago, as I was preparing to present the newscast. But the forced closure of the channel in 2002 prevented the realization of this project. However, I kept hope and always stood ready to seize the opportunity to realize my dream, firmly believing in this talent, even in this gift of God that would help me to accomplish a specific mission: to be the witness of the constructive word, which represents a plus. It is true that the scope of work is limited, but it is a bridge for the realization of oneself through the coverage of varied news, which carries our mark, and through the interviews. This was achieved after the return of the MTV in 2009, while in 2005 I built at the LBCI some experience. I believe that the ways of the Lord are not ours. In 2005, it was not yet the time, but with perseverance and determination, the breach was opened.

You have a deep faith. Where does it come from? It obviously comes from the family that constitutes the base, the cradle, and the healthy environment to grow in grace, knowledge, and wisdom. The family provides the immunity needed to meet the challenges that hinder the growth of young people. In parallel, I gained a spiritual and social formation and assumed responsibilities in apostolic movements, which strengthened my engagement within the apostolic groups. So I became a spiritual or social guide for young people. I take this opportunity to salute the Marian Apostolic Movement and Caritas Lebanon as the best example in this regard. My journey in this direction has been long. During this last decade, I gave catechism lessons in schools, parallel to the Community Service Office that I founded at Jesus and Mary school than at the University Notre-Dame of Louaizé under the name of Department of Community Service and Awareness. The aim was to raise students’ awareness of volunteering and social engagement and to focus their energy and talents on serving men and the homeland with the motto Service Learning and Civic Engagement. For the past year, I have passed the torch to assume a new responsibility as Director of Public Affairs and Protocol at the university. In previous years and unofficially, I took a part of it at the Public Relations Office.

Do you think it is easy to tie friendly relations in the professional field? I hasten to say yes. Friendship has favored my career and my success in my professional life. I enjoy great credit for friendships with the media, in particular, and in the world of art and the public sector. Self-esteem, faith in our own abilities, much more, objective awareness of our faculties and our importance, all this leads us to live in inner peace, which is reflected in our relationship with others. That’s how I managed to have strong relationships with all colleagues, without exception.



© Archives Majed Bou Hadir.


«The book occupies a central place in my life.»


Which memories are dear to your heart and you would like to mention? My best memories go back to this period of commitment, before being overwhelmed by the heavy responsibilities of life. At that time, I experienced a total fusion with this young environment to which I gave the best of myself and where I evolved and matured. However, my fondest memories are related to the book. Yes, my relationship with it and with the word is very solid. The book occupies a central place in my life. Thanks to it, I present major events, conferences to which I devote a large part of my professional commitment. I started a training period for communication students, but due to lack of time, I limited myself to training sessions in the art of Communication Skills and Public Speaking and Leadership. I would like to relive those memories. In any case, my relationship with the book is still alive. I buy books to enrich my library. I try desperately to read a book, but the noisy pages of life keep me away from doing that.

You encounter a lot of people. Which ones have marked you mostly? I have been marked by some encounters while other people have enriched me through the reading of their works. In 1997, I participated in the Vatican to the ceremony of the declaration of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus, Doctor of the Church. In Lebanon, Pope John Paul II, in the apostolic exhortation, entrusted us with the mission of «Lebanon, a country-message to the East and to the West». In 2002, I had the honor of carrying in my car the relics of Saint Therese who toured the country. This highly moral experience always reminds me of my role as a messenger, and this is done through the presentation of life stories or through interviews. A life of love and openness to others, such as the spirituality of Saint Therese. The direct contemporary event that marked me is with Pope John Paul II, who assured that faith in God can move mountains. I participated in the preparation of episodes that were dedicated to him and that were broadcast on MTV. Among the people who have marked me recently, I quote the Commander-in-Chief of the Lebanese Army, General Joseph Aoun. In addition to his great accomplishments lately, his humility is exemplary.

What would you change with a magic wand? The magic wand is in each one of us. If only we use it to show our humanity! With a magic wand, I will lift the veil that covers a life without love and breaks the stone of pride that blinds society and leads to ruin.



© Archives Majed Bou Hadir.



What are your ambitions for the future? Continue my media and academic work. Realize a program that bears my name. Found my own company for consultation, presentation and conference management. Create an association to stimulate the spirit of service, leadership, volunteerism and social engagement.

What is your motto? I reiterate my thanks to the honorable magazine, so dear to our hearts, which continues its mission despite all the difficulties encountered by the country. Only our unity is able to immunize our diversity which makes all our singularity. Interview Conducted by Rita Saadé

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