Georges Chakra’s Golden Age FW 19/20 couture collection

As part of Paris Fashion Week, the Georges Chakra Fall Winter 19-20 Couture collection,  entitled Golden Age, took place on the 1st of July 2019 at Palais de Tokyo in Paris.


© Georges Chakra.


A Tribute to Hollywood’s Golden Age is the theme of George Chakra’s FW 19-20 Collection

Georges Chakra’s Couture collection is a flamboyant homage to Hollywood’s Golden Age, embracing the sophistication of Rita Hayworth, the glamour of Lauren Bacall, Olivia de Haviland’s blondness and Audrey Hepburn’s assured femininity.  So many cinema legends whose allure and attitude inspired the fifty models of this new season.

From the red carpet to the most luxurious lounges of a legendary hotel, from the Chinese Theatre’s pagoda to a garden hidden on the heights of Mulholland Drive, each silhouette is a story in itself.  And a second skin to slip into to play the unforgettable scene.


© Georges Chakra.


A multi-faceted Wardrobe

As a movie, each garment is multi-faceted.  Superimposed materials, a play of colors, texture, and brilliance. Great classics revisited: Georges Chakra turns into a director and invents a heroine of stunning sophistication.  Long or 7-8 dresses, jumpsuits, and flowing suits. Corseted jackets with structured shoulders. Strapless dresses with trains. This wardrobe, like a star, is both chameleon and kaleidoscope.


© Georges Chakra.


Materials and Color Palette in the Couture Collection by Georges Chakra

The materials form opulent compositions.  Chantilly and guipure lace, duchess satin, pleated and embroidered tulle laid on silk crêpe, organza or gazar.  The color palette vibrates to the same generous tempo. In addition to immaculate whites and deep blacks, it includes cobalt blues, anise greens, crimson, chartreuse green, champagne, and soft gold tints.


© Georges Chakra.


The rigorous asymmetries, as if sculpted by laser, clash with sensual swirls of cloth. The bourgeois delicateness of a round neck, cleavage. The refinement of a bustier with clear feathers revealing nascent breasts.

Alternately conquering Amazon, or floral and delicate. Georges Chakra’s diva will find clothes here to take on the most beautiful roles of her life.


Fashion designer Georges Chakra saluting the public. © Georges Chakra.

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