Rabih Kayrouz SS 20 Collection

The purpose of Rabih Kayrouz SS 20 Collection, might well be to arouse a personal emotion. Where does your hide?


© Rabih Kayrouz.



The colors, from powder pink to midnight blue, could be the tale of a day that slowly stretches into the night. The brocades and the golden light shining out of a pleat tell the opulence of a distant country. The delicate muslins are longing to describe the traits of an elegant. The bold stripes are reminiscent of lunch under the trees on a sunny day.



© Rabih Kayrouz.


Evening dresses merge into the pure lines of a princely caftan. The discrete still daring openings of a drape to reveal the promises of seduction. Could that be the essence of transparent things?


© Rabih Kayrouz.


© Rabih Kayrouz.


I am a Fashion designer because I love women

This woman that I want to dress

This suitcase that I want to fill

between here and there

I like to dress women in love

I’ll continue

Since ten years I am a Parisian designer

Since twenty years I am a designer

I am Rabih Kayrouz

Welcome in Maison Rabih Kayrouz


Rabih Kayrouz. © Rabih Kayrouz.

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