Moncler Richard Quinn Kitsch Collection

MATCHESFASHION is delighted to launch the Moncler Richard Quinn collection for Autumn/Winter 2019. The seven-piece collection injects Richard Quinn’s personal preferences within the functionality of Moncler. This collaboration delivers a visually striking, luxuriant mix of statement outerwear, printed bodysuits, and padded thigh-high boots.


Coat with sunflowers imprint.



The collection is a wonderful mix and match, or rather in put-together. However, prints swarm literally everywhere. Full outfits are a clash of different prints.


Colorful coats to wear on a cold winter day.


Bodysuits and slinky dresses are the base layer for a heavy rotation of duvet opera coats with bracelet sleeves and diamante clasps. The result is ultra-feminine, very playful, unremittingly graphic: a mash-up of two different worlds joined into one.


Very fashionable animal imprint.

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