Animal Brooches by Vhernier

Small and astonishing works of art, the animal brooches by Vhernier originate from the wonders of nature, reinvented in the form of jewels.


© Vhernier.



The shape is a re-interpretation of reality. Each piece is unique, a real sculpture capturing the essence of the animal it represents. The sparkling Granchio (crab), for example, looks alive and ready to twitch; with its claws lined in pavé diamonds and the Bruco (caterpillar) rolls with gentle and harmonious movements.



Granchio by Vhernier. © Vhernier.



The point of departure is always that of beautiful stones, hand sculpted one by one. Jade, cornelian, lapis lazuli, turquoise, kogolong and agate are just some of the colorful gemstones Vhernier uses for its animal brooches. The Maison selects only the most beautiful ones and always natural, which is why one never looks like the other. They cut them starting from the raw stone, so they adapt harmoniously to the jewels’ design.


Pinguino in white gold. © Vhernier.


The brooches are a shining example of Vhernier’s ‘Trasparenze technique. A procedure by which beautiful rock crystal is superimposed over opaque stones, illuminating them dramatically.

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