Dream Watch 6 by De Bethune

De Bethune now presents the Dream Watch 6, a clock designed in close collaboration with the Swiss artist Jörg Hysek. With the Dream Watch 6, De Bethune yet again looked up to the sky, to represent in a more meaningful, more contemporary manner. The initial idea is simple: to transpose the De Bethune sky to a clock and in doing so utilize to the fullest the larger volumes afforded to express it – even transcend it.


Dream Watch 6. © De Bethune.



More space, more depth: The night sky of De Bethune becomes even more magical. The more generous volume offers it a more experienceable cosmos. The moon takes up a more even-handed proportion in our unconscious. The two spheres, for hours and minutes, play with volumes. It all comes together as a whole that allows one to marvel at a completely new vision of the planets, the sky, the cosmos, our environment, all in harmony and beauty.

We find these references in the tense curves that characterize De Bethune, in the use of titanium, the vibrant color of the immediately recognizable hallmark blue, the famous De Bethune lugs in the feet as well as fixing points, the polished bezel that gives a true clarification of the reading of the time, the vision of the inside of the mechanism through the lower part of the part… All these elements that make the signature of De Bethune watches find themselves reinterpreted and re-orchestrated to create this object of art mechanics.

What Jörg Hysek conceived of and designed is a mechanical sculpture, with a creative aesthetic that gives off a force that speaks to lovers of the truly exclusive. Challenging the known and assumed, he expresses his sensibility to the mechanics of time. This clock is new, unique.

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