Astronomic Souveraine by F.P. Journe

After the success of Only Watch 2019, F.P.Journe presents the current collection version of the prototype that was offered at auction: the Astronomic Souveraine. It is a grand complication watch in steel, with tourbillon and minute repeater. Entirely devoted to the observation of the stars, it has 18 functions and complications.


Astronomic Souveraine. © F.P. Journe.



The 18 ct rose Gold movement of the Astronomic Souveraine is totally novel. And it is, of course, very finely decorated. For example, the white Gold dial, whose sub-dials are embellished with clou de Paris decoration, and the moon phases, with a hyper-realistic moon that was traced from a NASA photograph. At 3h, there is the meantime (or civil time) dial, with a blue hand indicating a second-time zone. At 9h, there is the sidereal time dial, which allows the observation of the stars. Next to it, the mean time seconds are shown on a disc. Between the two are the central minutes and the power reserve indication, which remains optimal up to 40 h. Above all, this is a blue aperture showing the sunrise and sunset. Here, metal shutters lengthen or shorten the days. On the reverse, there is the equation of time and a full annual calendar encircled by the signs of the zodiac. It is on this side that the dance of the tourbillon may be admired.

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