Rani Fawaz, the youngest talented photographer in the Middle East

Rani Fawaz, a pillar of contemporary celebrity and fashion photography in showing all celebrities and big stars in their best image through his lens. At 17 years old only, Fawaz reached more than half a million followers on Instagram working with the biggest stars and celebrities in Lebanon and along the whole Middle East.

Although he in this career for only 2 years, our beloved talented Rani became one of the best-known names in these types of photography propelling the images of all stars, bloggers, influencers, actors, singers, and all public figures like Cyrine Abdelnour, Amel Bouchoucha, Abdel Aziz Sisters, Maritta Hallani, Karen Wazen, and many more with his naturalistic and trendy portraits and full looks full of life and colors.

Fawaz conveyed timeless, super meaningful shots in his portfolio, producing instantly recognizable imagery for luxury brands and big celebrities. He is also well known for his stance against over retouching photographs, for more natural shots.

Born in Beirut, Lebanon and self-taught in photography through watching online courses and a bit of technics from his dad. Fawaz still has a long future and he is still at the beginning of his career but the point he reached now and how he gained notice by thousands of people online worldwide in this short period is an achievement.

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