Beiteddine Art Festival 2014


Prestige issue 251, June 2014

Each year, the Beiteddine Art Festival hosts the most talented artists coming from all over the world to enchant a large public. This year, a rich musical program awaits the public. The Grand opening of the festival is on June 26th, with Magida el Roumi who will be offering the fans a compilation of her best songs and her new releases. Magical nights will follow until August 9th, where Bertrand Cantat will end the festival with the adaptation of Antigone by Lebanese Famous Director Wajdi Mouawad.

Beiteddine Festival 1

© Festival de Beiteddine 2014

Grand opening with Magida el Roumi

Thursday June 26

Live a splendid moment with our famous Lebanese diva, in a concert not to be missed! Magida el Roumi promises the fans of Beiteddine Art Festival a night to remember, as she will offer them a compilation of her best songs, especially her new releases.

Beiteddine Festival 2

© Festival de Beiteddine 2014

Joss Stone-Star of Soul, Pop &RnB

Wednesday July 2

Soul, Pop and Rhythm n’ Blues with Grammy Award winner Joss Stone! Joss Stone was only 16 years old when she debuted with The Soul Sessions in 2003. Britain and the United States quickly fell for her worldly, earthy soul voice. With over 11 million album sales to date and a wealth of experience under her belt, she embarks this year on a world tour, stopping in Beiteddine for one night only.

Beiteddine Festival 4

© Festival de Beiteddine 2014

A tribute to Sufi Masters & Muwashahat Legends Kudsi Erguner,Waed Bouhassoun & Fawaz Baker

Thursday July 10

An enchanting mystical night with the rising voice of the Arab world, Waed Bouhassoun, the nay virtuoso Kudsi Erguner and Fawaz Baker on his oud, accompanied by two large Musical Ensembles from Aleppo and Istanbul in an exceptional encounter.

Beiteddine Festival 5

© Festival de Beiteddine 2014

Katie Melua-The best of Jazz, Blues & Folk

Friday July 18

Katie Melua possesses one of the most sublime, enchanting voices of her generation. With her unique and astonishing talent, she has become, over a decade, one of Britain’s most successful recording artists of the millennium selling more than 11 million albums and receiving 56 platinum awards.

Beiteddine Festival 6

© Festival de Beiteddine 2014

Titanic-Ballet National de Marseille

Friday July 25 & Saturday July 26

«A Titanic triumph», an imposing show inspired by the most famous shipwreck of all time. Step into the world of Titanic and experience a magical evening! In collaboration with the renowned Italian artist Fabrizio Plessi, Frédéric Flamand created Titanic, an outstanding modern dance performance with a breathtaking setting and a groundbreaking choreography!

Beiteddine Festival 7

© Festival de Beiteddine 2014

Kadim Al Sahir

Friday August 1 & Saturday August 2

Yes the living legend of Arabic music is back for two memorable nights! Beside his huge musical career and achievements, Kadim al Sahir is also a genuine humanitarian, with much recognition including a «First Class Accolades Honor» by the Arab League, and a «Goodwill Ambassador» appointment by the UNICEF.

Beiteddine Festival 8

© Festival de Beiteddine 2014

«Antigone» by Wajdi Mouawad with the participation of Bertrand Cantat

Thursday, Friday & Saturday August 7, 8, 9

The world famous Lebanese Director, Wajdi Mouawad, brings to Beiteddine his unconventional adaptation of Sophocles’ play «Antigone», premiered in Avignon. This avant-garde, daring and brilliant direction is highlighted by the provocative voice of Noir Désir’s rock singer, Bertrand Cantat.

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