Inauguration of Our lady of the light church

Prestige issue 252-253, July-August 2014

The Archbishop of Beirut inaugurates “Our Lady of the Light” in the premises of the Central Maronite Council

Mgr Boulos Matar, Archbishop of Beirut, inaugurated and consecrated the church of Our Lady of Light in the building of the Central Maronite Council. The Minister Wadih el Khazen, Chairman, and the members invited to the ceremony, which was attended by the Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Gabriele Caccia and a full place, where were present the president of the Maronite League  Samir Abillama, Executive Board members and former President Hares Chehab, the former barrister Antoine Klimos and representatives of the Maronite Foundation in the world. In his speech, the President of CCM focused on the cultural and national significance of this ” Maronite forum by  excellence” the Maronite Central Council, having honored the memory of the late Mr. Youssef Bechaalani who gave the land and the late Raymond Raphael which built the Council building. “On this day of opening the doors of our church, added Sheikh Wadih el Sheikh, many thanks must be addressed, because this project is the result of the work of many players that helped to carry it out, especially engineer Roland Ghostine who did the design and the execution and Antoine Ramia for monitoring the project. Both have provided an outstanding job … Behind this dazzling project, there are months of hard and careful work … “The ceremony was followed by a reception on the terrace of the church, in the fresh air ofthe last day of the month of Mary.

Maronite 1

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President of the CCM Wadih el Khazen delivering his speech. 

Maronite 2

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Archbishop Boulos Matar, presiding the ceremony at the Church of Our Lady of Light, in the presence of Emir Samir Abillama, Sheikh Wadih el Khazen,  Mr Hares Chehab and  Mr Antoine Klimos.

Maronite 4

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Antoine Ramia, Maurice Khawam, Bishop Gabriele Caccia, President Wadih el Khazen, Roland Ghostine, Emir Walid Shehab and Michel Comaty. 

Maronite 5

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Dolly Khawam, Jeanne Massaad, Amal Renno, Bishop Gabriele Caccia, President Wadih el Khazen, Claude Zouein, Mireille Bouez, Myrna Ghostine Maro el Khazen and Viviane Shehab.


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