Prestige issue 252-253, July-August 2014

The new fragrance by Carolina Herrera

At the launch of the new fragrance VIP 212 Pink by Carolina Herrera, Socodile Holding official agent and distributor of the brand in Lebanon, organized a party at the roof of its building in Weygand street in Downtown, that brought together friends of the press and customers. The invitees appreciated the cool atmosphere that marked this evening like no other!

Carolina Herrera 1 Michella Haddad, Nabil Fawaz and Mayssa Halabi Carolina Herrera 3

© Prestige

Alexi Khoury, Christelle Elias, Ignacio Valenti, Ines Clarina, Buddy Abrahams, Ophelie Bech, Raji Fawaz and Maya Halabi.

Carolina Herrera 8

© Prestige

Marie-Ange Franjieh, Omar Kfoury and Roula Frenn.

Carolina Herrera 9 Nathalie and Tilda

© Prestige

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