Prestige Watches Guide July-August 2014

Intriguing and captivating… The new time displays

Spin Time Galaxie Louis Vuitton

Spin Time Galaxie

© Louis Vuitton

A new fun yet luxurious way of reading the time: the hours are displayed via 12 cubes that pivot one after the other as the hours go by to reveal their face set with black diamonds.

Esplendidos Misterio CUERVO  SOBRINOS

Esplendidos Misterio

© Cuervo Y Sobrinos

The hours are read in an unusual way and the minutes can be read with quarter-hour approximation. Instead of the usual hands, hours and minutes are shown on a rotating disc that comes full circle in 12 hours. So as the disc rotates one’s eyes are immediately caught by the big number representing the hour and effortlessly turn to the nearby red hand that shows the minutes. The arrows indicate the minutes, which are printed on the dial where the sector corresponding to an hour is divided into 4 parts of fifteen minutes each. Centered second hand, date at 6h.

Masterpiece Mysterious second Maurice Lacroix

Maurice Lacroix


© Maurice Lacroix

“Mysterious” seconds display at 6h. The mysterious hand marks out a linear reading of the seconds, in alternating horizontal and vertical 15-second cycles. The blued hand turning on its axis, as though in full levitation, produces the captivating optical illusion. Off-centered hours and minutes display at 12h. Limited edition of 125.

Sequential Two S200 Manufacture contemporaine du temps

Sequential 2 S200


Prism hour display and 360° minute scale. Each of the four hour modules comprises of five triangular prisms, which rotate to display one of three numbers. The current hour is indicated by the open mouth of the ‘C-shape’ arc around the center of the dial. The current hour displays sequentially in an anticlockwise direction.

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