The Fascinating Universe of our Seabed

Prestige August 2003, issue 123

Surprising, this world so close, so rich and yet unsuspected just 15 meters deep

Our  Mediterranean, which caresses the shores of Lebanon, hosts fauna and flora of incredible wealth. We do not realize it but as long as we indulge ourselves in the pleasures of diving, it is a whole world that is revealed to us and that we should think about protecting to save our ecosystem.


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A crustacean of the family of hermit crabs often lives in association with the sea anemone

Strange species with multiple colors and unexpected silhouettes


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Shrimp (stenopus sinosus) appreciate the joys of life together. Active at night, during the day, it stands in crevices.


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Corynactis viridis.  A lonely. Its color is extremely variable, purple, orange, yellow, green, brown.


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Octopus reaches 1 m long and 2 m in diameter. Females lay 100,000 to 500,000 eggs.


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From the family of bream, amateur of rocky  bottoms.

Some like to live in community, others are born solitary


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Wrasse. Very agile, always moving, swim fast, sedentary, at night it sinks into the sand. Females can change sex later.

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Hermodice carunculata. Body shaped of over100 segments. It waves its silks jerkily if disturbed.

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Mediterranean moray,  sizes  up to1.5m, it can live up to a depth of 105m, the gorgeous patterns vary on the skin from small dots to great golden spots.

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Crepuscular or nocturnal species, moray hunts in the night other fish. The moray does not bite unless it is cornered or harpooned. 

Brown moray, size up to1m, it can live at a depth of 180m.


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Black grouper or lekkous in the language of the country,  one of the largest coastal species. Large individuals have unusual longevity up to 50 years. Grouper whose size can reach 1.50m, is of little solitary nature, it marks its territory on rocky bottoms, reveling crab and fish.

Report & Photos Simon Nadim


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