Make up Look Fall 2014

Prestige issue 254, September 2014

Make Up For Ever

Range of eyeliners for

One look and dazzling eyes

The eyes are the most expressive facial features. To make them valuable and have an irresistible look, Make Up For Ever offers a wide range of 8 black eyeliners with different textures. Gel, liquid, pencil, cream or powder, choose the one you need to reveal the beauty of your eyes. Ink Liner: matte liquid, long and flexible tip. Artist Liner: pencil with ultra creamy texture. Graphic Liner: pencil for a specific trait. Aqua Liner: waterproof liquid rich in pigments and polymers. Aqua Black: cream for smoky eyes. Cake Eyeliner: compact powder. Aqua Eyes: pencil highly pigmented. Kohl pencil: Special sensitive eyelids.


© Make Up For Ever

Clarins Ladylike

Fall 2014 Makeup

Complexion, eyes and lips are aligned for a chic, natural and ultra feminine look. Nude tones, beige and auburn echo the autumn light. The look adopts the Shadow Matte, 6 new long-wearing eye shadows with a new “cream powder” texture and matte finish. The mineral Shadow 4 colors, shades of nude tones with the Skin palette, shades of elegant hues that provide a warm look. The “Pro” kit eyebrows, “Brows & Eyes”, a super neat line. 3-Dot Liner: revolutionary pen to highlight brown eyes. Red Radiance, classics of intense and sensual color. Prodigy blush, pink cheeks, and the duo rosewood and tawny pink 07 sculpts the face.

Clarins ombre-matteClarins Encarts Maq Automne 14

© Clarins

Make up

Look Fall 2014

5 Color Palette Dior

the birth of a myth

For Dior, the basic luxury springs from five colors. 5 Colors. To celebrate the Fall 2014 Look, it honors the 5 fetish colors of the designer: red, gray, pink, black and blue. New textures, new effects, unusual color harmonies to propel the “make-up” in a new dimension. In a blue night case, with a set of professional applicators, a new style of the look with the light shade in the center, surrounded by four accessory shades, for an infinity of possible make -ups. The 5 colors drape the look of pigments with unexpected reflections, in 13 new harmonies, tone on tone, delicate or shock contrasts, to mix and match according to desires. 5 Colors, a total look.

00021719-DPRESS_FallLook5C_2014_Visuels_300Dpi_Pa00021827-276 CARRE BLEU00021834-977 PIED-DE-POULE

© Dior


Loose Powder Makeup SPF15

and mini kabuki brush

The Creative Makeup Studio of Chanel imagines a loose powder foundation and its accessory, the magical mini Kabuki brush, joined in a box holding the secrets of a sublime complexion, a luminous finish. Association of two powders, which provides comfort and protection with a simple gesture. Blanc de Chanel softens redness and dark circles. Smoothing effect and satin natural glow.


© Chanel

The Lift


Age does not always leave the same mark and doesn’t only follow the rhythm of the biological clock.  Reason why Chanel explored a scientific field at the intersection of genetics and lifestyle of women: the spike gene. Chanel experts discovered the role of chemical “switches”, called microRNAs (or MIRS) These are small RNA fragments that modulate protein synthesis. For The Lift, Chanel Research has developed active formulas, available in three exceptional textures: The Lift Fine Cream: fresh, light and air, it instantly melts into the skin. The Lift Cream: luscious, creamy, it brings comfort and softness. The Lift Rich Cream: generous and velvety, it wraps the skin in a cocoon of affection.

Collection poetic statements

Fall 2014 Makeup Collection

The Creative Makeup Studio of Chanel is inspired by color all in poetry: pink. Range of light and dark tones to pale pink eyelids, quivering, bright pink or penny raspberry, shades of purple and black currants, and a touch of bright yellow. Rouge Coco Shine: semi-transparent shades, Intimate and Confident shades; more concentrated, Viva and Aura. Gloss Rouge rêvé, milky pink nail polish matching the Secret; and Songe, pearl effect matching varnish atmosphere; Orage, blue and anthracite lacquer. Eyeliner in black and brown for a custom-made makeup. Joues contraste with Innocence, a rosewood browned.

MA2013_03_0033COLLECTION ETATS POETIQUES_2014_press release_15COLLECTION ETATS POETIQUES_2014_press release_05


© Chanel

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