Natalie Portman starts Nu(d)e

Prestige issue 254, September 2014

Her career took off when she was only thirteen years with Jean Reno in “Leon: The Professional.” Since then, the Oscar winner actress for her role as Nina in “Black Swan” makes success after success. At thirty-two, the muse of the new foundation of Dior, Diorskin Star, continues to seduce with her freshness and natural elegance. The international star reveals her beauty tricks and her new projects. Interview.

Natalie Portman

© Paolo Roversi pour Christian Dior Parfums

Who was your mentor in the world of cinema? Everyone with whom I have had the chance to work, Mike Nichols and Luc Besson, Terrence Malick to Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman, Scarlett Johansson. I learned a lot about how they work, how they behave and conversations we had.

What are your current projects? I’m in post-production on my first film as a director,  A Tale of Love and Darkness, a love story. A project dear to my heart and that was my passion for seven years. I also produce two documentaries, Eating Animals by Christopher Quinn based on the book by Jonathan Safran Foer, and The Seventh Fire by Jack Riccobono, about gangs in the areas of indigenous Americans. I also made ​​two films with Terrence Malick and a film with Gavin O’Connor titled Jane Got a Gun, forthcoming in 2015.

You are the face of Dior for a few years, what do you think of this partnership? It is a great honor. Whenever the team offered me a new project, I’m excited. We have created a wonderful relationship based on trust. I am delighted to continue this adventure.

Can you describe Dior in three words? Bold, elegant, Parisian.

In your opinion, what is Dior today? Dior is at the same time very chic and very modern.

What makes you a woman Dior? Being comfortable with myself.


© Paolo Roversi pour Christian Dior Parfums

«Beauty? It is a great sense of humor and kindness…»

What was your funniest, craziest or most beautiful moment with Dior? I loved our latest commercial shoot where every room was filled with pink peonies – my favorite flowers!

Do you remember your first time at Dior? I remember my first meeting with the team, the so simple environment of Dior, gray and white Parisian dream.

What do you think of fashion and beauty Parisian look? I love fashion and Parisian beauty as they celebrate the individuality and strength of every woman. The woman here opts for a natural and unique appearance and seeks to be appreciated for her intelligence and personality above all.

What is your favorite Dior outfit? Raf Simons is a great artist; he is also very up to date in the field of visual arts, which is reflected in his designs. My favorite dress is the one covered with flowers. It is both classic and modern.

In your opinion, in the Diorskin range, what makes the new foundation Diorskin Star so unique? I would say the impression of a perfect skin. Also the texture is so light that one does not feel it on the skin.

A tip for applying a foundation? Always use your fingertips!

Furthermore, the proper foundation, what is your secret to perfect skin? I wash and moisturize my face every night. And a vegan diet!

Do you like the look “Nude”? Yes! I love having a natural look or even “better than natural.”

What are the essential Dior beauty products for you? The foundation Diorskin Star, Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara  and Rouge Dior.

What products never lack in your purse? The gloss Lip Glow and concealer.

Do you have any tips for tired skin? Plenty of water and sleep! I like tea Kukicha also alkalizing.

What is “THE” beauty product you prefer? Perhaps the lipstick Rouge Dior, red of course. With it, I am another woman.

What is the best beauty advice that was given to you? Do not over-pluck your eyebrows.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve tried to do in the name of beauty? Toothpaste on the spots! This only served to make them more red!


© Paolo Roversi pour Christian Dior Parfums

What is your favorite red carpet look? The red Christian Dior vintage dress I wore to the Oscars a few years ago.

Your 5 minutes time makeup? A concealer and some mascara!

What looks like an ordinary day of Natalie Portman? I take my son to the park, I cook, I read.

What is the role of your dreams? My life!

What are your favorite hobbies? Reading and the time I spend with family and friends.

Favorite food? I love the cuisine of the Middle East: couscous, hummus, salads …

Ideal vacation? In Rwanda, on the track of gorillas.

Best movie or book? Depends on my mood: Days of Heaven when I’m happy, Election if I need to laugh and Dirty Dancing for moments of nostalgia. For books: Lolita and Middlemarch.

What is your favorite destination? Big Sur, California.

If you were not an actress what would you be? Writer.

Do you have a secret talent? No, but I wish!

Describe yourself in three words. Busy, lucky, curious.

Are you committed to leave a better world for future generations? The environment and education of women are the biggest challenges we face.

In ten years, where would you like to be and what would you be doing? I want to be happy, healthy and surrounded by family.

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