Reunion dinner of Mohsen and Hala Sheikh Al Ard

Prestige issue 254, September 2014

At their arrival from Switzerland where they live, Mohsen and Hala Cheikh Al Ard offered a lovely dinner, hosting their friends in an atmosphere of joy and spending unforgettable moments at restaurant Em Sherif  in Beirut. Around nicely garnished tables with delicious Lebanese dishes, guests were surrounded by many respects and enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and the fabulous welcome of Mohsen and Hala.

JUL 550 سلام المصري + ريما عربJUL 555 عليا دبس

Salam el Masri, Rima Arab, Hania Hussami and Hala Cheikh Al Ard                   Mohsen Cheikh Al Ard and Leila Debs

JUL 572 وليد و كيندا دياب + مهى غراوي + طارق شيخ الارضJUL 563 هدى حمور + سلمى سوبره

                                                                                                                                                                                         Hoda Hamour, Hussein Darrar
Mohsen, Hala and Tarek Cheikh Al Ard with Walid and Kinda Diab, Maha Ghraoui
JUL 558 لينا شاكر + عليا عطوي + الهام صمدي
Lina Chaker, Hala Cheikh Al Ard, Alia Atoui and Elham Samadi 

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