Youth and freshness during the friendly lunch of Frederic and Christopher Antaki

Prestige issue 254, September 2014

They are young and beautiful, friends of Frederic and Christopher Antaki who were invited to spend the day at the family pool overlooking the beautiful panorama of Broummana. In a very warm and friendly atmosphere, in swimsuit and casual beach dress, the guests took full advantage of this beautiful sunny day. Some have done a dip in the pool and enjoyed the pleasures of water;others have chatted sipping cold drinks and refreshing beverages before getting all over a delicious barbecue buffet and salad dishes that flatter the palate,a treat that has brought joy to everyone.

Antaki Frédéric Antaki between Zalfa and Joelle Azar. © Prestige


© Prestige

              Jessica Féghaly and Diane Khoury       

Photo avec Romina Matar61

 © Prestige                                                                                                             © Prestige

Sabine Fouchaux, Romina Mattar and Chrystel Fourzali                                    Paola Rizk, Christopher Antaki


 © Prestige                                                                                                            © Prestige

Sandra Battry, Céline Dabbous and Carla Bedran                                                      Fadi Dabbagh and Lamitta Frangieh

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