Ramzi and Nimat celebrate their wedding anniversary

Prestige issue 254, September 2014

Ramzi and Nimat Raad happily celebrated their 42 years of marriage at their home in Broumana, surrounded by family and   friends. Always very considerate, Nimat scheduled two other cakes for Mona and Adnan Halabi and Ibtisam and Rodwan Alami, whose wedding anniversary coincided with hers. Friendly atmosphere, music and dance characterized this beautiful starry night.

AOUT 335AOUT 387

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  Rani, Reme, Nimat, Ramzi and Rayan Raad                                                            Nimat and Ramzi cutting their birthday cake  

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Around the wedding birthday cake of Ibtissam and Radwan  Alami        Adnan and Mona Halabi cutting their wedding birthday cake                                                                                                                                                    

AOUT 353 كمال و شنتال صوانAOUT 368 لينا شماس

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Kamal and Chantal Sawan, Nimat, Lilia Sabbagh and Reme                    Nimat with Monique Daoud, Claude Laham, Tania Kanaan and Randa  Gédéon

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