Shine like a Diamond

Prestige issue 257-258, Dec.2014-Jan.2015

Beyond loving gifts, beyond friendly or spiritual messages they deliver, jewels are part of the Lebanese culture and its history. Whether ostentatious or discreet, a golden present set with diamonds is definitely a pleasure. It spreads joy and happiness. Because the jewel has a soul, a personality, an intention, Lebanese jewelers, internationally recognized, offer for the coming shiny period, their creativity in a refined spirit of celebration.

Yvan Tufenkjian

Yvan Tufenkjian, Owner



© Archives Yvan Tufenkjian

What is your best creation? My vision has always been to shock the market and surprise the client, in keeping and showing the talent of the company and the immense variety of talent we have. So to say that I have a favorite creation is wrong; each piece I create, even the most simple and fashionable, is the result of in-depth passionate research, therefore all items are close to my heart.

Do you consider your jewelry as modern or classic? On what do you emphasize the most, on material or design? The brand’s focus goes to research and development, that’s why I can confidently say that our emphasize goes on the design while never compromising on the quality and finishing of our jewelry. My background as master craftsman allows me to have my own approach to jewelry, resulting in an artistic approach, far fetched from the tradition jewel, preferring a more modern interpretation. We have combined the techniques of jewelry production with the most advanced marketing techniques, giving rise to our personal style, innovative yet always balance.This being said, our customers view our jewelry as art works in the sense that it is unique and exceptional, with a very contemporary design. I treat my jewelry as sculptures, with an awareness and respect for the craft and reality of the woman’s body.

Antoine Hakim

Carol Hakim Rouhana, Sales & Marketing Director

Art Deco Emerald Ring set on Grey Gold with Square Diamonds Emerald Cut and Round Brilliants.

© Antoine Hakim

What is your best creation? The craftsmanship, the pursuit of quality and the aim for perfection are put in every piece. The best creation is when a woman finds the jewel she wants and fulfills her wishes.

Do you consider your jewelry as modern or classic? On what do you emphasize the most, on material or design? Antoine Hakim is established in Beirut since 1939, the jewelry is anchored in our blood, therefore we carry both classic and modern pieces because we like every creation that is well made. We can’t please every taste but we try to have a variety of styles in order for everyone to find his «coup de cœur». We are the exclusive representatives of many Italian brands like Marco Bicego, Moraglione and… Those brands compliment the young and modern lines that we create. On the other hand, no jeweler is a true one if he doesn’t carry the classic line which is the base of everything. It’s the starting point for any kind of collection from 0.05 carat of diamond for baby born girl to the 10 carats solitaire that celebrates 25 years of marriage.


Rida Azar, Vice-President

Azar NecklaceAzar Earrings Big



© Azar


Rida Azar, Vice-President

What is your best creation? We do not have one unique best creation. Every now and then, we come up with something that is eye-catching. For example, our latest masterpiece that is worth to take a look at is a Tennis necklace set with pear shape diamonds all GIA Certified D-E color. This is considered as an unusual piece that is not so easy to find.

Do you consider your jewelry as modern or classic? On what do you emphasize the most, on material or design? We consider our jewelry to tend more to the modern side. In today’s world, fashion plays a big role in practically all the industries. Whether its architecture, clothing or jewelry, you always have to look at what is the new trend that is active in our daily lives in order to stay up to date. You always have to provide your customers with the newest and trendiest designs and that is why we consider our jewelry to be more modern than classic. However, as they say old habits die hard, you always have to keep a wide selection of classical items in order to please the different tastes that you encounter. Concerning material and design, we always strive to create the nicest designs with the best quality possible. Whether it is craftsmanship, finishing quality or the diamond quality, adding to these three a nice design, that’s everything a woman could ask for in a piece of jewelry.


Bachir Himo, CEO



© Damas

What is your best creation? One of our best creations is Infinity collection. It symbolizes eternity, empowerment, and everlasting love. Infinity symbol can have many different meanings. It comes from the Latin word «infinitas», meaning boundlessness, no beginning and no end, reflecting the belief that in life and in the universe there is nothing but an unending continuum. Infinity jewelry reflects this idea of forever. Not just something that lasts a long time, but actually forever. While «forever» may be undefinable in conventional terms. Infinity jewelry is a great way for anyone anywhere to represent their belief in something being infinite. This is why it has a valuable meaning when offered as gift to a friend, a family member or a lover. It is one of the strongest «feel-good» words people know and is often associated with positive attributes, including friendship and love. Infinity jewelry is a great way for someone to express their devotion and affection. At Himo Jewelry branches, you can now experience the infinity that best suits your occasion.

Do you consider your jewelry as modern or classic? On what do you emphasize the most, on material or design? The infinity collection is a perfect mix between classic and modern. It is classic in its meaning and made from a large variety of modern designs… Working with the most valuable materials gold and diamonds, we emphasize the most designing and matching these materials to express the infinity meaning in its most elegant shape. Because each piece of jewelry symbolizes a special occasion to you, Himo Jewelry emphasizes most in designing gold and diamond.

Nada G

Nada Ghazal, Designer, Managing Partner.

'Boy Meets Girl’ rings and ear cuff in 18k yellow gold and white diamonds.


© Nada G

What is your best creation? My designs are a true reflection of my emotional sense, of my immediate surroundings and what invariably moves me, materialized with the glow of gold and the luring energy of a gem. Having said that, each creation is close to my heart in a different way, so there is no favorite.

Do you consider your jewelry as modern or classic? On what do you emphasize the most, on material or design? I would say Nada G jewelry pieces are contemporary yet timeless. I don’t emphasize on just one thing when I create; instead, I believe the right mix of design and material are what make the pieces special.

L’Or  Jewelry

Laure Yassine, Designer


© L’Or jewelry


What is your best creation? There is no best creation for any designer because every design you make you think it’s your best but then you make another one, it becomes your best and if designers stick to one creation they won’t be creative enough.

Do you consider your jewelry as modern or classic? On what do you emphasize the most, material or design? I consider that my jewelry is modern with a taste of youth, for instance in my spring summer collection my theme was the Ice cream and now in my upcoming collection the theme is Umbrellas. I emphasize on both the material and the design because both are important component and major factor in having a long living fine jewelry item. And in the material I use such as diamonds, gemstones, I always work on following the design in all its process from A to Z.

Sylvie Saliba

Sylvie Saliba, Owner


© Sylvie Saliba

What is the brand you are proud to have? All the brands available at Sylvie Saliba jewelry are very particular to me. I choose with passion and very meticulously each of the jewels in my boutique. I try to satisfy the sharp taste of the Lebanese, who is a trend follower. Big names of important houses like Repossi, Garrard, De Grisogono, Vhernier, H. Stern, Shamballa, Stephen Webster are available. Essential jewels for each lady, pieces that never leave her and match with her wardrobe like AS29, Joelle Jewelry, Fernando Jorge, Aurelie Bidermann and much others that you can discover at the boutique.

Do you consider the brands that you have as modern or classic? There is a big choice for all tastes in many available brands. Some models are classical while others are modern. We have novelties frequently and an event with international designers, which gives the occasion to choose a unique gift, in a private international view.

Do you think that they emphasize more on design or material? Design is as important as the quality work of stones and diamonds. Everything is perfectly mastered, in the different workshops of the available brands. The know-how of these jewelry houses is the result of decades of work, and every jewel is achieved as a piece of art, very far from the commercial work, badly done in the commercial jewels.


Bachir Sarkis, Chairman


© Voyageur

What is your best creation? Each piece in our collection has a rare special touch and uniqueness, in addition, each piece is crafted with passion. However, what increase the beauty of our jewelry are diamonds and precious stones.

Do you consider your jewelry as modern or classic? On what do you emphasize the most, on material or design? We do have varieties of choices to meet all demands, bridal, classic, trendy collections… However, we maintain the same old proficiency and precision to craft new modern pieces. Both are equally important, material and design, in order to create inspired and elegant pieces.


Mohamad Chehab, CEO-GM.

Chehab (2)

© Chehab

What is your best creation? Wedding diamond band rings and griff sets.

Do you consider your jewelry as modernor classic? Classic.

On what do you emphasize the most, on material or design? High quality material.


Gérard Tufenkjian, General Manager

Tufenkjian (1)

© Tufenkjian

What is your best creation? At Tufenkjian, we don’t execute something if we don’t like it. All our designs are our best creation.

Do you consider your jewelry as modern or classic? On what do you emphasize the most, on material or design? We are maybe from the few jewelers having both modern and classic designs. We consider classical style for our clients and add a modern touch to our new clients, in order to satisfy all our customers.

Mrs T

Tylda Kaloustian, Jewellery Designer and Owner

Bird on a Leaf Ring - 18K gold, diamonds, and Tahitian pearl on a chalcedony leaf.

© Mrs T

What is your best creation? There is no creation that can be called «best creation», each and every piece has its own spirit and favorite place. I rarely repeat my designs, so I do have some cherished pieces of which I can’t let go! If one could define a piece as my «best creation» then it would be the end of my quest. Being born an artist is a blessing, and it’s the reason for which I will always strive to reach for the best.

Do you consider your jewelry as modern or classic? On what do you emphasize the most, on material or design? My pieces are modern in their concept, material and usage. They are multi-purpose in the sense that an earring can be worn as a bracelet or sometimes as a ring. They are playful and reflect my philosophy of life: poetic, practical and non-conformist. I mainly emphasize on the end result. We live in an era where all combinations are possible and accepted: silver and gold, diamond and rubber, rough stones and leather… Having said that, sometimes the design leads the path and at other times the stone is the main focus. I believe that nature has given us masterpieces that should be respected as they are.

Madonna Thierry

Madonna Thierry, Designer and Owner


© Madona Thierry

My best creation? I cannot say I have a preference for any of my creations because each piece I design is rare, it is a combination of creativity and imagination. The most important factor I consider when I design my jewelry is to create stunning and captivating designs that will always be cherished….

Do you consider your jewelry as modern or classic? On what do you emphasize the most, on material or design? My jewelry has a modern look. I am drawn to the energetic radiance of each single material and the possibility of creating customized piece of jewelry that is one of a kind. Every single piece of jewelry starts with the gemstone, the purpose and the specific wish of the client. Then comes the design which emphasizes the uniqueness of each piece. I usually create the jewelry model in its ideal proportions to ensure the best quality and result. Rare material, flexibility, creativity and an eye for color are my power and energy…

Joanna Dahdah

Joanna Dahdah, Owner

dancing pearls ring

© Joanna Dahdah

What is your best creation? I think what describes my work best are my hollow spheres which inspired most of my work.

Do you consider your jewelry as modern or classic? On what do you emphasize the most, on material or design? I think my jewelry is modern, I always try and add something new or different to it when I design whether is it the matt finishing of the gold or placing a pearl upside down. I try and think outside the box as much as I can.


The Pantheon

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