Nathalie El Metni: Quality and exclusivity

Prestige issue 257-258, Dec.2014-Jan.2015

Nathalie El Metni

prestige-Jolie lola rétro clutch & silver ring copy

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Why did you choose “Jolie Lola” as a label? Lola is my middle name. This is the name of my grandmother, a beautiful woman, cheerful, strong and enterprising, who played a big role in our lives. Through this label “Jolie Lola,” I try to convey this image in my adequate collections corresponding to the contemporary woman.

What is the image of your brand? “Jolie Lola” represents the active woman, strong and independent. Both feminine and soft, sophisticated and simple, it captures the spirit of the urban woman. My aim is to design exclusive pieces and wearable to accompany her in her hectic lifestyle. It is a challenge to undertake to understand and create a wardrobe reflecting her aspirations, whether she’s a mom at home, businesswoman or simply fashionista.

Some qualifiers of the “Lovely Lola” style …Timeless, modern Classical, vivid, feminine, practical, glamorous, chameleon.

What do you prefer, quality or quantity? I would say quality and exclusivity. Even if I produce many copies of a collection, I make sure that the piece is unique in color, texture or detail.

“I draw my inspiration from nature, the city and materials I work. “

What materials do you prefer? Timeless and immortal materials such as leather, precious and semi precious stones. I have a special love for leather because when it gets old or used, it becomes more beautiful and the bag has often more stylish look. I also like to create a jewel giving new life to the material, such as stones, gold and silver. A pleasure to design pieces that crossed the time!

What are your projects? I hope to see “Pretty Lola” recognized worldwide, like the big designers. I currently hold an exhibition in London and soon will attend the exhibition “Christmas in Action 2014” and “Designers’ Christmas Week” in Beirut. Alongside my exclusive outlets in Beirut, Loft 271, and Montreal, Kar-ma 2062, Rue de la Montagne, I also develop online sales on facebook and instagram.

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