Aruna Seth: Line of shoes for celebrities

Prestige issue 261, April 2015

She inherited her passion for shoes. Daughter of a shoes manufacturer, Aruna Seth, after her studies at the London College of Fashion, decides to launch her brand of shoes in London. After the success encountered, Aruna, an engaged designer, develops her line which encounters an international success. Her customers are celebrities such as Pippa Middleton, Kate Hudson, princess Béatrice and others.



The butterflies come to rest gently on the luxurious and comfortable Aruna shoes.©Aruna Seth

Manufactured in Italy by valuable artisans, the forty pairs Aruna Seth, that made her first collection in 2009 in the United Kingdom, managed to conquer the admiration of fashionistas. They were the starting point of a successful enterprise that was launched in the United States, Koweit, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Lebanon.

Aruna Seth shoes are colorful, we can find them in fuchsia, pink which becomes her signature and gives elegance and a slimming effect to the sexy and very high heels which, she likes to say, gives an impression of long legs on the red carpet. Her favorite? Butterflies that rest gently on the comfortable and luxurious shoes. Selected in noble materials of first quality, these marvelous shoes, with a special leather padding in the sole, offer the feet a big comfort and a feeling of wearing socks in quilted kashmir.

Aruna Seth

The stylist Aruna Seth. ©Aruna Seth

Starting with a collection of shoes for married people, Aruna Seth develops her brand by giving it a fashionable direction while keeping the comfort and magic, which gives it a great success.

Bubble Gum pinkSINGLE13


Aruna did not hesitate to adorn the Venus heels with strass, a superb line dedicated to fashionistas, a sensational collection.© Aruna Seth

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