Caroll Sabbagh: Fairy Fingers

Prestige issue 261, April 2015

Caroll Sabbagh


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What is a candle for you? The candle has existed since the dawn of time. It represents for me the light, fire, and therefore life. Expertly crafted, it provides some visual and olfactory atmosphere.

Tell us about Poussière de fée (Fairy Dust)…Poussière de fée is a brand of scented candles made in Lebanon, a range of bewitching scents combining nature and glamor. Its intoxicating ambience takes you on a trip to the Oriental forests with Bois d’Orient (Oriental Wood); Poussière de fée will make you succumb to the unique charm of the Jasmine flower or Dream of Iris. If you want to add a cheerful and attractive touch to your interior, choose Carambar and Bubble Gum fragrances. Popcorn will immerse you in an intimate and comfortable atmosphere, like in the movies. With Tendresse Matinale, you will experience the delights of hot milk with almonds and cinnamon. On each occasion a Special holiday awaits you with fairy dust.


Caroll Sabbagh © Archives Caroll Sabbagh

«Experience the magic of the moment with fairy dust.»

Can you describe your work? I import the oils from abroad to make a mainly local product that meets international standards. I think, in all modesty, that I am the only one to make scented candles in Lebanon at unbeatable prices.

Do you participate in exhibitions, and what are your future projects? I participate in all exhibitions held during the year in Lebanon. For my future projects, I plan to expand the range of fragrances by creating parallel products. I reserve the surprise to my dear public.

For more information: [email protected]

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