Cynthia Raffoul: Jewelry Designer


Interior of Cynthia Raffoul boutique. © Cynthia Raffoul

Your designs are original and diverse, what is your source of inspiration?

My inspiration is life; life around us, especially nature, its functioning and also my clients sometimes with just a word, an idea develops and out of that idea a jewel is created.

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Cynthia Raffoul. © Cynthia Raffoul

What categories of clients buy Cynthia Raffoul design?

My clients are not only females but men also buy jewelry. They come to me because they love stories, they like the fact that they do not just buy jewelry, but jewelry with an idea, a story behind, ultimately a piece of jewelry that is different.

I think they are a bit like me they love the finesse, subtlety and do not systematically follow fashion but their heart.

You realize customized pieces, how do you manage the relationship with the Oriental clients who have sophisticated taste and like to be distinguished?

Basically bespoke is to have and to wear unique pieces, that no one has and to be different from others. The custom-made is the ultimate in jewelry, the piece you are going to wear is actually an expression of your person.

The custom-made is a real challenge for me and i like it. The secret is the same whether the client is Oriental or from another nationality, it’s to listen and watch.

I love listening to their stories, their dreams while taking into account their physical, because we must never forget that we are creating pieces that are worn, with which we live and they have to go with our skin color, hair, eyes and our features. Having taken into account all these points, then I can create the piece that allows them to distinguish themselves from others.

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Tige collection. © Cynthia Raffoul

How do you face the tough competition in the field?

It is true that I am not a descendant of a family of jewelers, you have to have endurance, long breath and believe in yourself & in what we do. It is true that in Lebanon, people used to have their family jeweler, and that this circle is very small and closed … but still there always be those who love to change and discover a new world. I think there’s room for everyone and for all tastes…


Pyramid 2 fingers ring. © Cynthia Raffoul                                               Eclipse violet. © Cynthia Raffoul

Do you think to establish your brand abroad like other jewelers?

Yes of course I am constantly working on this. Currently, to enable my foreign customers to easily afford my items or share my work with their contacts, I opened a year ago my online store: and I work on new points of sale in the Arab countries, Europe and Asia.

It is true that Lebanon is small by its size and not enough for us to grow but at the same time, it is big because of its large diaspora that allows us to get to be known abroad.

Moreover, it is a pride to be able to sell abroad, this puts at honor our jewelry artisans, of whom we can be very proud,  which for several centuries perform an outstanding work and are constantly in search of the best.


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