Dea Hage-Chahine: Accessories Designer

Prestige issue 263, June 2015

Dea Hage-Chahine

From Instagram to trade

Dea Hage Chahine

© Archives Dea Hage-Chahine

How did you start your brand? I started following a need to be different especially that I could not find the right accessories on the market. Initially, I ordered pieces for me and for my friends. As they had success, I immediately activated an Instagram account «Dee Cool Stuff» before having the merchandise. Orders increased, I learned to know about the trends, customer tastes and preferences. It is the passion of fashion and public relations that pushed me to get into the trade. «Dee Cool Stuff» was created in 2013. Since then it evolves regularly.

Since when do you exercise your talents? I was still very young when I was having fun cutting jeans and sewing them up my way, which I liked. I also created home accessories from pearls, iron wires, plastic, that I used to sell to my neighbors. At 13, I sewed my first dress that had a lot of success. I also took art classes in the US where I realized accessories, leather shoes, clothes and others.

Designer Dea Hage Chahine

Dea Hage-Chahine © Archives Dea Hage-Chahine

«I love accessories both simple and unconventional!»

Have you participated in exhibitions in Lebanon? At the beginning, I held an exhibition at Ginette in Gemmayzé. The success of this first appearance prompted me to sell my products through social networks and exhibitions. Each year, I participate in the Summer Festival of Mzaaret, at the Christmas expo «Afkart» in Biel, at Zaitunay Bay, and charitable events to the benefit of Caritas and others. In partnership with the NGO «Live Love Beirut», I also reinvented the fabric strap that has traveled the world. I just participated in fashion shows for young people of several «State of Art» schools at B018, and at the Expo Beirut Designers’ Week. This summer, I will be at the Faraya Festival. Unfortunately I am often forced to refuse certain events that do not comply with the criteria of «Dee Cool Stuff» or my university class schedules. In any case, these events lead me constantly to diversify my creations.

Give us an overview of your creations … I like simple creations from the everyday life. Among my it-creations, a long necklace end with earphones, a lighter shaped ring or a necklace laser cut in the form of the famous «Nike Air Max 1». There is also a more aggressive collection, such as machine guns, cartridges and grenades for women who dare!

Where can we find your creations? My products will be available this year in several shops in Lebanon, and an online sales site will be launched soon. Before, I wanted to reach mainly young people. Now, my creations will aim to people from all ages.

For more information: Instagram:@DeeCoolStuff

Facebook: Dee Cool Stuff, Tel: 03-911077

email: [email protected]

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