Nada Ghazal: Jewelry Designer

Nada Ghazal portrait

Nada Ghazal. © Nada G

Nada G began around ten years ago, can you describe your evolution during this period?

I originally started with handmade, customized jewelry out of 18k golden wires and precious stones, few years later my instinct led me to smoothly shift into fine jewelry with an edge, believing that this is where the trend will go. As for now, I would like to continue by lifting the level of our creations even further, in terms of design, material and quality, believing that the only way is up.

Despite the diversity of your creations, we frequently find geometrical patterns in your collections; do you particularly like these patterns?

Whether it is geometric or organic design, my designs are a true reflection of my emotional sense, of my immediate surroundings and what invariably moves me. I am touched by everything I see and everyone I meet. It could be as simple as the icicles that were hanging down from the window of my parents house in the mountains to a sparkle in a child’s eye, so talking to myself, and digging deep into my soul is what kick-starts my ideas.


BMG. © Nada Ghazal

You realize customized pieces, how do you manage the relation with oriental clients who are sophisticated and like to be distinguished from others?

We usually attract the modern contemporary woman, so whether she is from the USA, Japan, KSA or Russian, they have something in common.



Main collections. © Nada G

Since 2012, you began to participate in exhibitions in Europe and USA, what does this opening to the outside bring you?

Exhibiting in USA and Europe brought International exposure/existence and made us recognized as an international award winning fine jewelry brand.

For the 2nd year, the most important jewelry exhibition that we attend is The Couture Show in Las Vegas. It’s one of the best for our brand. I would also hope to exhibit in Basel in the near future.

Our creations took us further than Lebanon, and we are now available in the USA, and the UK, and in Dubai.


Baby Malak, Bonbon & Caviar. © Nada G

Which categories of clients acquire Nada G designs?

When I work, I think of powerful Global Women.

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