Angela Bonifacio: A Fine Jewelry

Prestige issue 261, April 2015


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Why did you choose the craft jewelry? I always liked to wear clothes and accessories in the image of my lifestyle and my way of being. That’s why when I started in the universe and the adventure of creating with my brand Monilya, it was natural to direct my energy towards the design of accessories that reflect my tastes and my personality. It was like a revelation, as if I had always done that.

What are the materials and techniques you use? The eco-leather and chains, rock elements par excellence, are ubiquitous in my creations. I associate them with symbolic elements that are an expression of how I feel. Like the great hearts, symbol of love and passion I have in life, and large wings, butterfly or angel, symbol of freedom. Love and freedom are in my opinion two essential and indispensable values. The techniques and materials take shape in my head, and from my hands original jewelry pieces are born with a rock touch, yet glamorous and feminine. I also like playing with different colored stones and Swarovski crystals I choose almost like a frame. I sometimes associate them with other stones, sometimes with chains, and give them forms inspired by nature, but always with a rock soul.

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© Archives Angela Bonifacio

Do you have other means of expression? I’m Italian by birth and Lebanese by heart. Creating jewelry is not the only means of expression that I use. Since I became a mother, the love I have for my children and their wonderful world is to discover. So I deepened my studies in pedagogy and philosophy, and experimental pedagogy interested me particularly, because it aims to make the child a perfect and free adult, able to enhance his capabilities. So I created a few years ago a facebook group, which is a true sharing community to help the less fortunate children, so they have access to education and freedom to choose their future. Besides, there will soon be an exhibition in this direction.

Can you tell us about it in more detail? Last year I participated in the exhibition Beirut Designer’s Week, and a few events in Italy. But I would like to mention the project I am very happy and proud of now. It is the realization of a dream that combines passion of design and solidarity among moms. This is the exhibition of moms entrepreneurs, designers and creative, a project close to my heart for many years and we are doing today with a wonderful team of moms. An unprecedented event. «Mom’s Spring Fair» to be held during May in Achrafieh, is a project that represents to me the natural evolution of a woman’s journey, designer, creator and mom. It gives me great joy.

For more information:

Official facebook group: Moms around Beirut Network

email: [email protected]



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