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Prestige issue 261, April 2015


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Tell us about Vishnu, your craft concept … I am a Lebanese  graphic designer passionate with crafts. An innate passion. Vishnu is the brand that I have chosen for my totally handmade jewelry. I’ve always been curious to know how were the handmade products, but I have discovered my talents, that when I started to turn pieces I did not wear in functional creations, through the recycling. I managed to dismount from A to Z, a bracelet that I have never worn and I designed it my way. The result? A new favorite gem to which one fully attaches to the point of not wanting to remove it.

Why have you chosen this Vishnu label? Vishnu is a god of the Hindu triad. A very popular deity, it is a symbol of peace, joy and serenity. He gave the woman a divine image. Vishnu was born from this artistic appetite for pieces that have a soul.

When did you launch your brand? The brand was officially launched in 2013, focused on the concept of “chains”. The oriental-style Vishnu ornamental chains are gold plated and sterling silver. They include unique bracelets that connect the wrist to the fingers, neck chains, waist, ankle bracelets, earrings … And the latest novelty added to the collection, combs and hair accessories.


© Archives Sherine Natour

What characterizes your pieces? Vishnu is characterized by simple designs but equally elegant, complemented by a palette of golden colors adapted to the tastes of women. From silvery white to golden yellow, to pink and metallic bronze. Some signed pieces are beautifully set with semi-precious stones.

What would Sherine say to qualify Vishnu? Vishnu is a symbol of harmony, balance and protection. Each piece targets and achieves its purpose. Namely beautify the look of the woman during the day and evening. Vishnu is a brand dedicated to the modern woman proud of her femininity. A woman who has a character and is able to create her own style with pieces in perfect harmony with her mind.

For more information: Email: [email protected]

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