Chantal and Daisy Al Jurdi: When Architecture and Fashion meet

Prestige issue 263, June 2015


Chantal and Daisy Al Jurdi. © Archives Chantal and Daisy Al Jurdi

Why did you choose to create handbags? Chantal: My sister Daisy and I come from an architecture background, within the family business FJ Consultants. But we always wanted to do something special for both of us, a creation that resembles us. After discussing several ideas and projects with women entrepreneurs, we joined our architectural background to our passion for fashion, to create handbags that would have something in common with the profession. And actually, our first collection of bags is based on form and function, a very common concept in architecture.

Since when do you exercise this talent? Daisy: It was in September 2014 that our idea has materialized and six months later, our models have emerged. We evolve constantly with each new experience. The creation process requires a lot of imagination, research, work and will.

Did you participate in exhibitions? Chantal: Our course is very recent. Beirut Designers’ Week 2015 is the first exhibition in which we participated. However, we have organized events in our workshop in Badaro to publicize our creations that have been very successful. For now, we aim to grow firstly in Lebanon before participating to exhibitions abroad.

Chantal & Daisy El Jurdi - Design 4Chantal & Daisy El Jurdi - Design 3


© Archives Chantal and Daisy Al Jurdi

«Creation requires a lot of imagination, research, work and will.»

Tell us about your creations … Daisy: The spring-summer 2015 collection includes five models in six colors each. Each model tells a story, it has a specific function and a name in Arabic to preserve our identity as Lebanese designers. Besides, our brand, «saQué» comes from the Lebanese dialect, é meaning «mine». Chantal: Our bags are handcrafted by fine Lebanese craftsmen. They are in leather with accessories plated gold or silver. We put a twist to the shape, although inspired by the classic. Our designs are unique and functional.

What are your development projects? Chantal and Daisy: We are ready to seize opportunities to achieve our goal of reaching the largest number of people that are interested in our designs and the story we tell through our bags. We will also be happy to take some of our social responsibility by helping young designers to trace their way. And last but not least, why not conquer later the wider field of accessories, jewelry, shoes, on the same topic? For now, we are negotiating to launch our collection of bags in the Mena region.

For more information: Website:

Facebook: saQué, Instagram: saque.beirut

email: [email protected]

Tel: 00961 3 911 661

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