Maria Kassabian: Passion for fashion and accessories

Prestige issue 263, June 2015


Maria Kassabian. © Archives Maria Kassabian

Why did you choose this area? I am a great lover of fashion and accessories. My family and friends were always amazed at the speed and manner with which I spotted trendy articles and join pieces to have a nice look and fashionable. They encouraged me all the more that this «funny» work fascinated me. Thus I launched «MAK Creations».

Since when do you work? For over five years I design and make clothes and fashion and home accessories. I would like to mention that all of my production is local and proudly Made in Lebanon.

What items do you produce exactly? My work is all about fun. I therefore create only items that always make me happy and make others happy too. I also have the chance to have my two daughters with me, they are my fervent supporters and my main inspiration. The proof is the latest collection of bags I enriched with new designs, which were highly appreciated by the public. Concerning home accessories, mine are both useful and practical. Like this new line of plexiglass plates that we love for everyday use…

«I create with pleasure, to please.»

Cow trayMaria Kassabian - MAK Couture

Cow tray.© Archives Maria Kassabian          Drinks holder. © Archives Maria Kassabian

Have you participated in exhibitions in Lebanon or abroad? My first exhibition was, five years ago at Mtayleb Country Club. It was a most enjoyable day and more profitable too, as visitors have appreciated and bought what I had exposed. Since then, it has become an addiction to exhibitions, to those of Rabieh, Faraya … and I frankly confess that I am a permanent «fan» of all events organized by Gata Events in Zaitunay Bay at Villa Sursock, and more recently in Dubai.

What do you do to grow your business? I do not plan. But as long as I make this work for fun, I also will develop it with pleasure. It all depends on my mood and the feeling that I will continue to have of the beautiful, useful and practical.

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Tel: 03-701500

email: [email protected]

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