Hania Al Bizri: Serenity, sophistication and zest for life

Prestige issue 255, October 2014


Modern Oriental design. Fusion of the oriental and contemporary style. © Archives Hania Al Bizri

Why did you choose interior design? Interior design is the job I love to exercise because it allows me to devote myself to creativity, innovation and imagination. This is an interesting and exciting area, timeless and boundless. People are generally influenced by the environment around them, why it is necessary to adapt the space to their needs and wishes .I am determined to pursue my master and to continue my research on the psychology of colors in particular.

What is the nature of your work? The pressures of life hinder our ability to be creative. So do we seek to take advantage of science that provide sophistication, joy and inner peace that one of them is precisely color psychology. This takes advantage of the beautiful and harmonious colors borrowed from nature and that have a magical effect on people. Through this art of interaction between colors and tones, the interior designer will change the perception of space. In my case, I plan, and organize space with optimal use, to make it both attractive and functional. Furniture is custom-made and of excellent quality, to be in harmony with the color of fabrics and paint. In other words, they must meet the needs and tastes of the customer. The end result should provide more comfort, a pleasant space to view and never monotonous.

«The living must provide serenity, warmth and happiness.»


Eclectic, combining the American and French styles, elegant and welcoming. © Archives Hania Al Bizri

What sets you apart from other interior designers? As an interior designer, I have to understand my clients, their tastes, their way of life, so that their homes or places of work reflect their personality, translating their concepts and dreams into reality. The end result should include the convenience, comfort and use of the place. Unlike most interior designers, my work is not limited to simple design. I run a team of professional contractors. You should know that in this industry, all must contribute to the total customer satisfaction.



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