Joumana Hawi: Classical and Contemporary

Prestige issue 260, March 2015


Joumana Hawi. © Joumana Hawi

Tell us your beginning in the world of accessories … Joumana HH was created in 2006 in Beirut. I am in the luxury fashion accessories and up-market products. Customized creations made entirely by hand.

What distinguishes your creations? The selection Joumana HH is distinguished by its femininity, elegance and personality. Accessories that are timeless classics, also contemporary and modern. Every piece invites you to discover the skills of the artisan, attention to detail and finish of the piece.

joumana 3joumana 7

© Archives Joumana Hawi

«Femininity, elegance and personality characterize my creations.»

What is your source of inspiration? I am inspired by everything and nothing. I travel frequently and new cultures attract me and intrigue me. I like Arabic pop culture, it is my great inspiration.

Do you participate in exhibitions? I regularly participate in all exhibitions held in Lebanon. At Biel, since 2007, Zaitounay Bay since 2012, in Fakra in 2012 and Faraya since 2011.

And abroad? I took part in many exhibitions held in the following Arab countries: in Dubai in 2010 and 2011, in the Wedding Fair and Expo jewelry and watches in 2012. In Abu Dhabi, I attended the Wedding Fair in 2010 and 2011, and Sharka in 2012 and 2013, always in the Wedding Fair. In Amman, I participate in the Afkart exhibition since 2011. In Bahrain, I took part in the exhibition Waw in 2014 and in Kuwait at the expo Ared el Maarid in 2013.

For more information: Facebook: JoumanaHHaccessories

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