Alda Chahine: Baroque style and modern elegance

Prestige issue 260, March 2015


Alda Chahine. © Archives Alda Chahine.

What is your biggest passion? My passion is for art and nature. It is not recent, it goes back to my childhood, when I was looking for beauty and harmony everywhere. I did study architecture I stopped thereafter to pursue a degree in political science. I am also passionate about classical ballet, drawing and painting. For a dozen years, I found myself fully in jewelry, which has become my passion. And I stay there.

What line do you have? I combine, in jewelry, my love of drawing and color of the stones that I use, with dance, in curves and movement that I give to my creations. The essence of each piece, unique and handmade, is a celebration, a poetic ode to the curves, femininity, the baroque flavor and modern elegance. Necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and brooches come to life with precious or semi-precious that I use as onyx, amethyst, jade, serpentine, chalcedony, jasper and carnelian. However, I am particularly fond of citrine and aquamarine. My jewelry is 925 sterling silver or gold, depending on demand, and bear my signature Alda C.

IMG_7891IMG_7970 R

© Archives Alda Chahine

«My passion for art and nature is innate.»

Where can we find your collection? I regularly participate in exhibitions held in Beirut, the Middle East and Europe. In Beirut, my collections are exhibited at “Purrl” in Saifi Village, the National Museum, at “Larishka” in Downtown “Loft 271” in Antelias and finally on the online sales site In Dubai, my collections can be found at “Bloomingdales” in Jeddah at “Cream” and in New York at “Persian Shop” Madison Avenue.

For more information: Facebook: Alda.C Jewelry

Instagram: Aldac_jewelry


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