Sana Beydoun: Originality and taste

Prestige issue 260, March 2015


© Archives Sana Beydoun

How did you come to the world of jewelry? Since my teenage I had a penchant, a love or passion for jewelry. When I received a gift of jewelry that I did not like, rather than trade it, I went to a craftsman and applied myself to transform it completely to my taste. The result was satisfactory both at the beauty level and the creativity level. So I decided to enter fully into this vast world of jewelry, and my first collection goes back to five years.

Where do you get your inspiration? My source of inspiration is Life. Everything inspires me, nature as well as people. Each year I present two collections, one at Christmas and one in summer. My Collections bear my signature Sana Beydoun Jewelry.

«Most of my creations are unique pieces»


© Archives Sana Beydoun

What materials do you work? I work the gold that I sort of black and brown diamonds. I use a lot the stones to confer originality to my creations. In fact most of my pieces are unique.

Do you participate in exhibitions? I regularly participate in the exhibition held in May at Zaitunay Bay. My creations also travel abroad towards the galleries.

For more information: Instagram: sanabeydounaccaoui

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