Syma Beydoun: Couture, her passion

Prestige issue 256, November 2014


© Archives Syma Beydoun

«To succeed, you must have passion for the job.»

You recently participated in a «trunk show» abroad … Yes, I just got back from London where I was involved in this kind of parade-sale, held for two days in a row in the showroom of a Russian designer. A large number of clients, stylists and media attended the event.

What kind of clothes do you do? I make feminine ready-to-wear, sport chic, and a beach line. I present two collections a year. For fabrics, I prefer silk, cotton, jersey and lace.

Why did you choose this industry? I’ve always loved fashion, assortment of colors and beautiful fabrics. Sewing is my passion.

What characterizes your style? My style is characterized by its simplicity and finesse. Pleasant pieces, cheerful and easy to wear.

What are you doing to grow your business? I think there is nothing like to develop my business, more than to expose my production through participation in various fairs and exhibitions held here and elsewhere.

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