Prestige Watches Guide, July-August 2015

between haute couture and ready-to-wear


Prêt-à-porter collection for Autumn 2015. © Dior                                   Dior VIII Grand Bal gold thread. © Dior

Between the fashion studios and the studios where Dior timepieces are invented, the infusion is spontaneous, the  influences are mutual, the dialogue obvious. A watch is not a watch, it is also a living witness of the double culture of Dior  couture and ready-to-wear. On the couture side they are called «Frou Frou», «Envol» or «Cancan», each name being the name of a collection or of a Christian Dior dress. They are, on the wrist, evidence of good taste, creative boldness. A story of colors, deeply rooted in the House, the pink of Granville pink, the gray of Dior and lines reinterpreted each season by the studio. Dior VIII is an essential incarnation of this ready-to-wear everyday elegance. Originally proposed in ceramic, now declined in steel and gold, it offers in two formats two facets of elegance: a graceful 25mm, a more confirmed 32mm. This reference of Dior watches does not hesitate to adopt the new codes of the ready-to-wear catwalk: dense pristine white and black ceramic or alligator recalling the passages of the spring-summer fashion show as much as its original DNA, blue and pink escaped from a long exciting buttoned cape coat in sapphires, on the bezel of the Dior VIII Baguette diamonds bursts evoking luminous embroidery, a unique choice of classic or playful accessories. White leather straps bordered by a peach rubber for spring-summer 2015, and in plum leather bordered by a blue rubber for the autumn-winter from 2015 – 2016.

PRET + PORTER fall 2015 +Sophie CarreCD152110A002-DIOR-VIII-MONTAIGNE FW 2015-2016

Prêt-à-porter collection for spring 2015. © Dior

The evening, at Dior, is a tribute to haute couture. In the watches we can find the festive sensuality of Mr Dior ball gowns, the grace both mischievous and feline of a Gruau drawing, the pioneering spirit of the models of Raf Simons. When Dior pays homage to Japan with his Esprit Dior Tokyo 2015, the Dior Grand Soir 33mm vibrate in unison with dials coated in delicate pearled origami enclosed in a white gold case, pink or yellow. Because all the pleasure of fashion, haute couture and ready-to-wear, are incarnated in each timepiece of the House.

CD153B6ZA011-DIOR-VIII-GRAND-BAL-PIECE-UNIQUE-ENVOL-N1-36MM incarnations in watches of the luxury and carefree spirit of couture, the 15 Dior VIII Grand Bal single piece Envol show a more futuristic face, when the dial covered with a wing cases of beetles marquetry flares each passage of an oscillating weight resolutely graphic, where white gold and colored stones draw spirals that are infinite swirls offered in unique pieces. Photo: Dior HAUTE COUTURE fall-winter 2013 +Sophie Carre Haute Couture Collection, for the Spring-Summer 2015. Photo: Dior

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