Akillis: The Art of making Jewelry

Prestige issue 266, September 2015


Necklace, bracelet from the collection puzzle © Akillis

Pioneering pole in traditional jewelry, Akillis opened the doors of its Lyon workshops to unveil step by step, the manufacturing secrets of its unique jewelry, shaped by craftsmen jewelers over long hours of meticulous work, for an irreproachable quality. Throughout the process, the craftsmen jewelers will use a multitude of rasps, files, emery fabrics of lace and to transform raw gold after the melting process in precious metal. The gestures of the artisans are energetic but controlled, lively but precise. The assembly and mounting on extremely small parts require a scrupulous and sensitive adjustment. The hinges must be shaped optimally, why checks are carried out at every stage of manufacturing. The traditional torch welding requires great skill and dexterity. Thus heated metal becomes incandescent giving all its majesty and nobility to the work of the goldsmith. The magic works and the jewel becomes mystic.


© Akillis

Each piece without exception is subject to a thorough quality control. It is examined meticulously from all angles with magnifying glasses, to make sure it would be flawless.

Once the gems carefully selected, the setter will take 6 gold threads around the stone that will be this way trapped in a golden cage. Akillis only uses this method to set 6 grains, that guarantees an optimum fit. Once set, the jewel passes the final stage of polishing to make it shiny. It will then be cleaned with high pressure steam. White gold is immersed in a rhodium bath to come out white or black depending on the model ordered.


Setting © Akillis

Untitled-2Bague bang bang

Unedited piece from Akillis, with a piece at the centre. The ring Cruella              Ring from the collection Bang Bang i shot you

in white gold 18ct and diamonds is sorted with earrings. A unique and               down. © Akillis

personalized ultra glamorous finery. © Akillis


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