Prestige issue 266, September 2015

Creations of Love


Stéphanie Saab. © Archives Stéphanie Saab

Why did you choose this jewelry segment? When I was very young, I dreamed of developing this passion that I consider an innate and natural talent.

Since when do you exercise this talent? I launched my brand «Handmade with Love», a year ago. But since long ago, I create my own patterns and designs.

Have you participated in exhibitions in Lebanon and abroad? I regularly participate in all exhibitions held in Lebanon, including the Christmas Fairy in Bickfaya, that of Caritas in Achrafieh, Beirut Designers’ Week and Afkart at Zaitunay Bay, Rotaract BO18 club, GNGO Green Festival in downtown, and In Action in Broumana.


© Archives Stéphanie Saab

«Hand made with Love, jewelry crafted with love.»

Give us an overview of your creations … The concept is derived from the principle that simplicity is beauty. The objective is to satisfy the tastes of not only girls and women but also men across our jewelry collection for men. Moreover, in addition to designs manufactured in Lebanon, some brands of accessories are also imported from abroad.


© Archives Stéphanie Saab

How would you develop your work? As I already mentioned, alongside my own collections, I now present four foreign brands, including two imported from the United States, a third of Great Britain, and a fourth of France. I still and always aim customer satisfaction by offering the highest quality and especially the «single»piece. The expansion to other markets, especially to the Gulf countries is part of my future plans, the near future. I would also consider the constant and permanent improvement of the quality of the establishment and after-sales service.

For more information: Tel: +961 3 166121

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: handmade with love

Instagram: handmadewithlovelb



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