Johnny Depp: The “Wild” Man of Dior

Prestige issue 267, October 2015

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© Christian Dior Parfums

«To create Sauvage, I used a man as a starting point. A strong  masculinity with no ambiguity. As the image of a man who transcends time and fashion.»

François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator

For the first time in 10 years, Dior perfumes have forged new territory for men. A brand new «Sauvage» immediate and powerful, a gross and noble perfume at a time, a fresh composition, virile and confidante, a woody structure, a radical creation for a Franc man. Also elegant design of «Sauvage» bottle, with rounded lines in contrast with the virility of sexy name, its pleated black lacquer cap … Johnny Depp is now the «Wild» man of Dior. With Jean-Baptiste Mondino, there is no limit for Dior. To become a «Wild» laid bare, a modern shaman, who fears neither the hardness of the quest or emotions, an unprecedented role game in which Johnny Depp breaks the mold of his own identity. Leave the urban rabies and head for the desert. Joshua Tree, mystical land, is there to teach him how to live again. The desert is a sign of his new start. United with nature, he is a peaceful«Wild», relieved of his chains. Now he can shine. Actor and man united, Johnny Depp gives himself body and soul to Dior.

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© Christian Dior Parfums


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