Joumana Uhlemann: Authenticity and Perfectionnism

Prestige issue 267, October 2015


© Archives Joumana Uhlemann

Why did you choose home accessories? Initially, the creation of accessories was a simple hobby. Subsequently, it became a work of art, craft, serious and exciting in my Kanzaman Gallery in Gemmayzé. Talented Lebanese and Syrian craftsmen collaborate in the company that guarantees income to many active women working at home. I firmly believe that continual renewal and perseverance are keys of success.

Give us an overview of your creations …Kanzaman offers customers a variety of unique handmade products. The style is oriental with a modern twist, like the dining room tables, coffee tables, benches, consoles, as well as lamps and chandeliers. Add small gift items such as trays, boxes, vases, blankets and others … The creations are made of walnut inlaid with mother of pearl, mosaic, blown glass, hammered copper, earthenware-kichani …


© Archives Joumana Uhlemann

«I work to achieve an impeccable piece with a  lifetime warranty.»

What characterizes your work? Skilled craftsmen produce quality and genuine items. Moreover, I work constantly to obtain an impeccable item with a lifetime warranty. My aim is to save our rare and talented artisans by creating models of the highest quality at reasonable prices, modern pieces, practical and meeting the demands of daily life. Kanzaman also exposes paintings of quoted painters like Modarres Fateh, Ali Mokawas, Saad Yagan, Hammoud Chantout …

Do you participate in exhibitions in Lebanon and abroad? I regularly participate in exhibitions held in Lebanon, such as the famous Beirut Designers’ Week and major exhibitions held in the Arab countries.

Tel: 00961 306476 Email: [email protected]

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