A State of Gold … by Dior

Prestige issue 268, November 2015

For this Christmas 2015, the Dior woman radiates with a new sparkle. A golden glow? A golden state. Valuable collection around gold, hushed luxury, subtle, secret, celebrating the steel glare of the noble metal. To gold, Peter Philips, Creative Director and Image of Makeup House combines gray. To ivory, platinum, he opposes the timeless red and fuchsia. Bewitching chromatic palette for an intensely festive and glamorous look by Dior.

Dior make up

© Dior

State of Gold, 5 Colors.                                                                Diroific State of Gold

Comes in two new colors and harmonies between deaf      Pressed powder golden light. Two shades Luxurious Beige and

and flamboyant shades: Eternal Gold and Blazing Gold.   Sumptuous pink, which sublimate the skin texture in a transparent




© Dior

Diorific Mat. First matte lipstick containing a powder that smoothes color. Powder-coated, long lasting, six shades.


© Dior

Diorific nail polish. Focuses glitter with platinum and gold highlights. Gray-gold, baby pink, fiery red, intense plum. Four other colors complete this collector’s series.

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