Prestige issue 268, November 2015

Original and Unique Ballerinas


Pamela Jabbour © Archives Pamela Jabbour

Why did you choose children’s shoes? Being the mother of a little girl, I had trouble finding nice shoes for children both funky and comfortable. So I decided to get into this field especially that working with and for children has long fascinated me.

Since when do you exercise your talent? Since about a year. I fell in love with my business My Little Ballerinas, dedicated to small, chic and elegant princesses.

To which exhibitions do you participate, in Lebanon and abroad? I regularly participate in all major exhibitions held here in Lebanon. However, I have unfortunately not yet had the opportunity to participate in exhibitions abroad. I hope to have the opportunity to do so very soon.


© Archives Pamela Jabbour

«My Little Ballerinas are dedicated to small, chic and elegant princesses.»

Give us an overview of your creations … My Little ballerinas are made of leather and dedicated to my little princesses. The style is funky and elegant. Moreover, aware of my humanitarian and social responsibility, a percentage of revenue for each pair sold will be donated to orphans of different non-governmental organizations, without discrimination.

How do you think of developing your business? I think we could combine the ballerinas with other accessories in perfect harmony with them, like tutus, bags, etc. However, I work seriously to develop another very important part of the business, namely the distribution in the various countries of the Middle East.

Tel: 00961 70 771477, Email: [email protected].


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