Great Lunch of Edgard and Danièle de Picciotto

Prestige issue 271, February 2016

15 امال كرم + edgar de pincotti w danielle + may

Amale Bustros, Danièle and Edgard de Picciotto, May Ogden-Smith  © Prestige


It was from Geneva that Danièle de Picciotto, together with her daughter Jasmine Busson who lives in Paris, organized, in every detail, the great lunch they gave at the Equestrian Club of Beit Mery belonging to Jasmine. Note that this is the only equestrian covered club in Lebanon. Danièle who knows how to do things well, had planned in order to entertain her guests, among which the Swiss Ambassador François Barras, Raymond Audi and May Ogden-Smith, Zeina and Michel Trad, Amale and Jean Bustros, Hassana Mansour… times of pure happiness: a beautiful parade of riders on their horses, children on ponies each one interpreting his act. On the menu, and around a huge fireplace, local dishes, a delicious open buffet where nothing was missing, manakiches, barbecue, salads … and certainly hookahs around.

HE François Barras particularly thanked Edgard and Danièle for their fine reception but also for the institute that Edgard de Picciotto has offered to the city of Geneva, the House of Students that can accommodate 551 beds. Raymond Audi has in turn praised the hospitality of the hosts and their charming attention. The guests, delighted, are not ready to forget this radiant day.


Danièle and her daughter Jasmine who was very caring with the guests. Photo: Prestige
16زينه فواز + نسيب نصر + اياد ناصر + امال كرم
Zeina Fawaz, Nassib Nasr, Ayad Nasser, Danièle de Picciotto and Amale Bustros. Photo: Prestige















21 رجا و ندى سلامه
Raja and Nada Salameh, Edgard de Picciotto. Photo: Prestige
24 كلود بكاليان
Claude Bakalian. Photo: Prestige











6 نيفين و شرين و كاتيا و ماريا كرم
Névine and Shérine Boueiz, Katia and Maria Karam. Photo: Prestige
1 مالك ابي نادر + ميشال طراد
Malek Abi Nader, Michel Trad. Photo: Prestige











12 cyrille arida + michele maalouli + chantal arida
Michel Maalouli with Cyrille and Chantal Arida. Photo: Prestige
14 ريتا و فيليب دي بسترس
Rita and Philippe de Bustros. Photo: Prestige











17 داني مغربلي + نور و فرنسواز حنين
Danièle wih Dany Mogharbani, Nour and Françoise Hanin, Papou Lahoud Saadé. Photo: Prestige
The Red King

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