Mahmoud Kahil Award for comics


Rada Sawwaf, Lama Tammam Salam, Dr Fadlo Khuri president of AUB, Jihad el Khazen founder of Asharq Al Awsat newspaper, Busher Azem and Lina Ghaibeh director of the initiative.

«Mutaz and Rada Sawwaf Arabic Comics Initiative», academic association based at AUB to support research, production and archiving of Arab comics, hosted an awards ceremony following a competition in which 200 professional cartoonists from 11 Arab countries participated.

The ceremony took place during a dinner held at Biel in the presence of politicians and VIP’s, during which several awards were presented and the winner of Mahmoud Kahil award was the Jordanian artist Amjad Rasmi from the daily Asharq Al- Awsat.


Rada Sawwaf pronouncing her speech.
2 بلال و ربى حمد
The president of Beirut municipality Bilal and Ruba Hamad.













7 ريتا شحيبر + زاهره غندور
Mona and Khalil Zantout, Ahmad and Rima Tabbara, standing Rita Shuhaiber and Zahira Ghandour.
Abdelhafiz and Laila Ajam, standing Randa Bdeir.











Princess Pucci and Prince Bassam Salamé.
53 نظمي و دانا كحيل
Dana and Nazmi Kahil.










56 مايا جلبوط + رنا اللوزي سعاده + جوال بدارو
Maya Jalbout, Rana Lawzi Saadé and Joelle Badaro.
8 ندى بدير + زينب ميرزا
Nada Bdeir and Zeinab Mirza.











16 ايا المير + شرين فخر الدين + رودي عرب
Aya el Mir, Shérine Fakhreddine and Roudy Arab.
22 يوسف و هلا غلايين
Youssef and Hala Ghalayini.










Lina Ghaibeh, Jihad el Khazen and Rada Sawwaf with the jordanian, egyptian, lebanese and syrian winners of the Mahomoud Kahil award.

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